IPC Granite – ‘Were value is set in stone’

The history of the company.

Our simple principle “if my wife won’t let me put it into our own home, it’s not good enough for anyone else! We all want what we have paid for and deserve that specific value not less”

IPC Granite started not as IPC Granite but under the owner’s family name as a family business in 2007.Originally Justin did not have its own manufacturing plant but used outside companies to deliver the manufacturing side to IPC. As with any business you are only a strong as your weakest link. As the business was growing steadily the time came to take full control of its products and service. In 2009 a small firm went into liquidation and Justin purchased the assets of the company & the spread sheet of assets was very small

*  1 Brand new saw (6moths old)
*  1 old forklift
*  I small air compressor
*  A few hand tools
*  1 stone rack (we still have this today)
*  1 new Kia truck (still being used)

The factory that the firm was leasing was leased to Justin and IPC commenced its own production facility. Well when we say facility, it was 110m2 of very tight factory space, and 50m2 of offices. We inherited several of the older companies’ clients of which we still service 3 of these. Our original goal was to do 2 – 3 kitchens a week and have a family business where if required our 2 children could work for IPC if they wanted. Within a few months’ work flowed in more and more. It was clear we needed to expand in staff as we could not keep up.

In the first year some of our major projects included:

*  New Port Quays waterfront precinct
*  The Adelaide Casino
*  Walkers Arms Hotel

Within 12 months we had taken over 2 other warehouses in the complex were we were renting but it was clear we needed 1 large site.In April 2012 we leased a huge (we thought) 380m 2 factory, near Le Cornu at Forestville & From here things just snowballed. As our reputation for fine stone work grew and grew we were inundated with many bigger and complex projects.

Some of the major projects undertaken out of Forestville:

*  Australia post fit out Adelaide
*  HIA refurbishment
*  ATO fitout
*  Ashbrook apartments
*  Regency Tafe architectural stone work
*  Beach point apartments
*  Ceduna Hospital
*  Eastern medical centre
*  Chapel st town house development in Norwood

From having an abundance in room to now having no space was fast becoming a reality.
Larger contracts and bigger quantities meant that from starting with only 2 people in 2009 we now employed 5 in 2012. With a hard work ethic and an eye for detail and service, things just got busier and busier, to the point at peak times a bed was made up at the factory to cut down travelling time for the boss. After 20 months of growth the seemingly abundance of room, became not enough room for a mouse. A large parcel of vacant land was acquired and a purpose built factory was being planned. After months of planning IPC Relocated to its new facility at Lonsdale in 2013. (Yes it was also in April. Like every other major move. Its brand new purpose built site of over 800m2 of factory provided enough space for ongoing growth.

Some of the major projects from 2013 onwards:

*  Port Lincoln hospital
*  Havelock Hotel
*  Royal Hotel
*  Pt Noarlunga townhouse development
*  100 townhouses in St Clair
*  Mawson lakes apartment developments such as ‘the Pulse’
*  Several major retirement villages
*  Central Adelaide apartments (260)

Our growth has still continued, as a company looking for innovative and new ideas a full factory make over was completed in 2014. We now employ 14 staff, and have an automated production line purpose built, and a host of customized tooling to provide a speedy service and brilliant quality. So if you are considering stone tops pop in and have a look. With an appointment we are always keen to provide a guided tour of our premises and show why our production process and end product stands out from others