At our first contact we will ask you for a sketch with some rough measurements, (to the millimeter is not essential just yet). We may have some suggestions about how you can reduce costs with your sizes. At this time we will need you to have in mind a stone type that you would like to use.
We work with Marble, Granite, and Engineered stone. A basic stone selection enables us to give you a more precise quote. We are happy to take the time to discuss what could work best for you in our opinion.

After accepting the quote we just need a time line from you, to schedule your job in. Once your cabinets are ready to go, we will do a digital template using our 3 dimensional templating machine.

This gives us millimeter perfect templates to work off of. Our cutters can start your job based on these measurements. Using (water) bridge saws, and Mitre saws with diamond tipped blades they cut the panels in your job using the most efficient cutting techniques and without heavy wastage, saving you money.
Mitres can be cut for slab ends and apron fronts for built up jobs or you can go with a standard 20mm or 30mmm stone edge.

After cutting, our polishers bring all the edges up to a high polished finish using various grades of sanding discs and water, and join the apron fronts to the bench tops. Cut outs are done on our CNC machine which can be programmed to cut and polish for under mounts. Tap holes can be done now too. After assembly in the factory your job is loaded carefully onto the A- frames of our trucks using cranes and forklifts and from there we deliver and install you job.

Installation can usually be completed in 1 day


Not all natural stone requires sealing. Where sealer is applied to your stone it is important to be aware the sealer only gives you more time to remove any spilt liquids or other materials off the surface. Your sealer’s effectiveness can be damaged if the seal is broken – we advise not to drag objects across or cut directly on your surface. With time, the effectiveness of your sealer will diminish – we recommend resealing your surface regularly. Please note: certain products may penetrate your sealer and stain your stone – be wary of any dyes (permanent marker-type products, beetroot, red wine etc). Quick clean up is key to prolonging the beauty of your stone.There are a selection of proprietary sealers available to maintain your stone in tip top condition. IPC Granite can treat your stone with an industrial sealer for added protection.

“We’ll provide you with a fact sheet when your work is complete”
We recommend the use of cutting boards or preparation boards at all times